Session Speakers

Session A – Ultrasound, fluoroscopy, and diffusion tensor imaging

    1. Eleonora Croci, Fabian Warmuth, Marina Künzler, Jeremy Genter, Franziska Eckers, Corina Nüesch, Daniel Baumgartner, Andreas Marc Müller and Annegret Mündermann.
      Topic: Assessment of glenohumeral translation: motion capture vs. Fluoroscopy
    2. Hanspeter Hess, Eleonora Croci, Daniel Baumgartner, Andreas Marc Müller, Kate Gerber and Annegret Mündermann.
      Topic: Fully automatic landmark detection algorithm for assessing glenohumeral translation on fluoroscopy images
    3. Julien Leboucher, Firooz Salami and Sebastian I Wolf.
      Topic: Evaluation of an ultrasound scapula tracking method
    4. Yilan Zhang, Robert D Herbert and Bart Bolsterlee.
      Topic: Three-dimensional architecture of the human subscapularis muscle in vivo

Session B – Rehabilitation

    1. Ehsan Sarshari, Luis Jimenez, Alexander Wolfe.
      Topic: HHT Predictions using forward dynamics vs force-dependent kinematics: an application to TSA mismatch (virtual)
    2. Celeste L. Overbeek, Arjen Kolk, Jochem Nagels, Rob G.H.H. Nelissen, Jurriaan H. de Groot.
      Topic: Adductor co-contraction during abduction in patients with Subacromial Pain Syndrome: A Friend or Foe
    3. Ursina Arnet, Fransiska M Bossuyt, Benjamin JH Beirens and Wiebe de Vries.
      Topic: Shoulder pain in persons with tetraplegia and the association with force application during manual wheelchair propulsion
    4. Lukas P.E. Verweij, Theodore P. van Iersel, Derek F.P. van Deurzen, Michel P.J. van den Bekerom, Sebastiaan Floor.
      Topic: Distance to dislocation concept does not seem to predispose recurrence following an arthroscopic labral repair in a military population

Session C – Virtual/augmented reality and sports

    1. Erin CS Lee, Michael P Pearce, Kayla Lee, Gibson Hegan, and Michael J Rainbow.
      Topic: An Immersive Virtual Reality Environment for Controlling Shoulder Kinematics
    2. Daniel Baumgartner, Michael Redburn, Fabian Müller, Patrick Bischof, Gabriel Dobler.
      Topic: Holoreach – Augmented Reality in Rehabilitation for upper extremity therapy
    3. Yuki Yanagita, Anthony Fava, Nicole Bordelon, Katherine Everhart, Billy Lozowski and Gretchen Oliver.
      Topic:A comparison of trunk energy flow, shoulder distraction force, and pitch speed between youth and collegiate softball pitchers
    4. Bart van Trigt, Foskien Bouman, Ton Leenen, Marco Hoozemans ,Frans van der Helm and Dirkjan Veeger.
      Topic: Quantifying within-individual elbow and shoulder load variability in youth elite baseball pitchers and its role in overuse injuries

Session D – Wearables and exoskeletons

    1. Sabrina Amrein, Charlotte Werner and Wiebe de Vries.
      Topic: Prediction of shoulder load from wearable sensors for wheelchair related activities: a machine learning approach
    2. Laura Mayrhuber, Inge Eriks-Hoogland, Christina Ehrman, Wiebe de Vries.
      Topic: Classification of shoulder loading activities of daily life from wearable sensors: Verification and validation
    3. Kenzie B. Friesen and Angelica E. Lang.
      Topic: Effects of inertial measurement unit placement on scapular kinematics
    4. Sagar Joshi, Cosimo Della Santina and Ajay Seth.
      Topic: A novel shoulder exosuit with adaptive passive exotendon attachment

Session E – Rotator Cuff injuries

    1. Irene Beck, J. Micah Prendergast and Ajay Seth.
      Topic: Biomechanical modelling estimated tendon strains reveal a large range-of-motion for shoulder rehabilitation exercises with low rotator cuff strain risk
    2. Jeremy Genter, Elenora Croci, Franziska Eckers, Birgit Oberreiter, Andreas M. Müller, Annegret Mündermann and Daniel Baumgartner.
      Topic: Glenohumeral instability in rotator cuff tears: an ex-vivo study
    3. Johanna Menze, Hanspeter Hess, Tomas Rojas, Stephen J. Ferguson, Matthias A. Zumstein and Kate Gerber.
      Topic: Musculoskeletal Analysis of Rotator Cuff Repair after Tendon Retraction and Fixation Medialization
    4. Oscar Vila Dieguez and Lori A. Michener.
      Topic: The puzzle of Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy and Exercise: analysis of two pieces that fit together

Session F – Muscle contributions and new methods

    1. Royal Cole, Micah Thatcher, Traci A. Bush and Vassilios G. Vardaxis.
      Topic: Level of muscle activation in contribution to shoulder maximal isokinetic and isometric torque
    2. Kenzie B. Friesen and Angelica E. Lang.
      Topic: Validation of a work-related and functional task protocol to assess scapular motion
    3. Italo Belli, Kimberly Meszaros, Sagar Joshi, J. Micah Prendergast, Luka Peternel, Clark Dickerson and Ajay Seth.
      Topic: Scaling and Validation of a Shoulder Model with External Hand Forces in Submaximal Exertions
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